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Yes, you can talk to me about Capital Raising for your company. How can I help you today?”

There is no straight-forward, one-size-fit-all solution to get the same amount of funding as your peers or competitors. Your business is unique and so is your appetite for risk.

Fact Check

All Businesses Get Sold, Given Away or Liquidated!

I have learnt that sooner or later, all businesses get sold, given away or liquidated. In most cases, the ending or exit of a business could have happened sooner than expected. In today’s scenario, many businesses closed down because they aren’t prepared to take the hit from the Covid-19 pandemic.

But..there's always a "But"!

Unfortunately, many of us leave this important planning until the very last minute – and then we realized that we have “over-stayed” in their business, we totally missed the opportunity to sell when there was momentum, good reviews, great-looking traction/financial records, etc. (I mean, who would sell when everything is looking great, right?)

It’s true, I won’t be expecting myself to sell when I am at the all-time-high! So, the next question is, then when is the best time to sell? Definitely not when the business is at an all-time-low, right?

Not every deal is rosy,
beautiful & smooth.

Truth be told, not every business owner can successfully sell their business at the price-point they want. Not every deal is rosy, beautiful and smooth. Exiting a business is a far more complex subject than I’d realized. It isn’t an event. It is a phase of business. No two exit experiences were exactly alike. Some wound up happy with the process and satisfied with the way it turned out, while others looked back on it as a nightmare and came away with deep regrets about the outcome.

Just like wise men say, “Every beginning has an ending”. This is the same that goes out to every business and every entrepreneur. Most business owners are able to build a viable business, but they may not be building an investable one. You should build a business today as if you will own it forever but could sell it at any time tomorrow.