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Ability to Execute

“What’s the Point of Good Ideas When You Can’t Execute?”

Executing an idea versus fulfilling work instructions aren’t the same.

The main characteristic of an entrepreneur lies in his ability to execute.

Ability to execute is a powerful skillset. 

Entrepreneurs must be skillful in executing ideas; management must be experts in fulfilling work instructions.

Ability to instruct must come from the owner of the idea. it’s hard enough to bring an idea to reality and even harder to push for execution when….

  1. there isn’t a distinctive final-decision maker; and/or
  2. someone is controlling the show without being part of the show.

Most first-time entrepreneurs mixed the idea of “teamwork” with “ownership”.
All of us can work as a team, but ONLY ONE PERSON becomes the main-owner. The main-owner has…

  • his/her final say;
  • authority to put his foot down to drive execution; and
  • the guts to execute.

7 Tell-Tale Signs of Poor Execution

Here are 7 tell-tale signs of failed business execution where…

  • the business is not profitable;
  • it is not growing; and
  • it is going “nowhere”.

Tell-Tale Sign #1: Plenty of Dead Wood

Have you experienced a situation where you felt that the number of people were there for display? Technically, they are part of operations but in reality nobody says anything or do anything in operations. Ever experienced that from a company before?

Tell-Tale Sign #2: Not Pushing For More

Sometimes, it could be as simple as setting a deadline and pushing our limits to see how much we can breakthrough. 

You don’t have to get all stressed up to execute. Sometimes, it is the adrenaline rush in executing an exciting, grand, masterplan! 
(It’s not stress, it is excitement!)

Tell-Tale Sign #3: Penny Wise Pound Foolish

Bending over backwards to save a few dollars but not taking advantage of opportunities to make hundreds of thousands more.


Tell-Tale Sign #4: Sweeping Under the Rug

Knowing there is a problem yet avoid addressing it. Hoping that “small problems” would go away by refusing to acknowledge it would turn into an unwanted nightmare when it is least expected.

When you cannot face “small challenges”, you won’t be able to execute “big dreams”. 

Tell-Tale Sign #5: Pointing Fingers

It is always somebody else’s fault, never our own. We cannot fix the external influence which caused us to fail, yet we fail to address the internal influence failing us.

Tell-Tale Sign #6: Lost the Forest for the Trees

When you became so caught up in the details, you forgot about the big idea you have had at the beginning. 

Tell-Tale Sign #7: Operating in the Dark

When there is no tracking of results, one will never know how far or close the idea is from fruition.

You cannot measure what you don’t track. You cannot improve what you fail to measure.

Do you recognise any of the tell-tale patterns in some failed or failing businesses?

Let me know your comments on thoughts about one’s ability or inability to execute. Do you think we are in-born with natural instincts to know what to do and how to execute versus can these be learnt or picked up with enough training?

Thank you for reading. Look forward to connect with you one day when opportunity presents itself.

From the desk of,

Cynthia Chiam

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