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My Services

My Top 5 services 

1. Advice on Capital Raising

Get practical advice on fundraising preparation and to assess your investment readiness. Ask all your questions to get to the objective you desire.

2. First Time Investing in a Company

You may be asking all the wrong questions before making an informed-decision whether to invest into a company. What is the potential of the company? How much should you invest for a start? What are the processes to invest? What is next after you have invested?

3. Second Opinion for your FundRaising Choice

You need another person to give you an objective answer whether you have made the right choice choosing the most appropriate fundraising channel and structure. Should you have used debt funding instead of equity funding? Should you have used preference shares instead of ordinary shares? (and the list goes on).

4. Find Investors For You

You know what you are doing and you need help to find the right investors to invest in your company. You need someone to bring investors to look at your deals, and that’s why you are here?

5. Talk to the Cosec For You

You are going through a due diligence process and it is taking up too much of your time. You need someone to liaise with your company secretary for matters related to document preparation and to brief you in layman terms on agreements which you are required to sign.